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Problems with DayPilotCalendar Export

Asked by Laura
12 years ago.


I am having a number of problems with the export function of the DayPilotCalendar (i.e. Me.dayPilotCalendar.Export(ImageFormat.Bmp)) that are causing the image to not match the calendar as it renders on the web page. I am using theimage to export a pdf and the userswant the pdf to look as close as possible to the web page.The differencesare:

  • The image has a duration bar (we have DurationBarVisible=False in the markup)
  • In theimage thecells are all coloured to be non-working hours (we are setting e.IsBusiness within a handler for the BeforeCellRender event)
  • The image has the innerHTML content of the events as a string rather than html (so it shows the html tags rather thanapplying the formattingetc).


Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

Hi Laura,

Issues #1 and #2 are now fixed in build 5.9.2013 (see the sandbox).

Issue #3 can be resolved by supplying alternative text during export using BeforeEventRender event handler. See also:

Comment posted by Laura
12 years ago.

Thats great! Thanks for the quick response.

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