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How to get the Scheduler to redraw after an event is added or zooming in/out

Asked by Alistair
12 years ago.
Hi, After a add an event, the scheduler doesn't re-draw, however if I refresh the page, the event I just added show up fine. I am binding using a SQLDataSource. Also I tried to add the zoom in/zoom out code by cutting and pasting from the example. I have stepped though the code and it is doing everything right, except it doesn't redraw after! Any help would be very much appreciated. Alistair
Comment posted by Bbq
12 years ago.
I assume when you insert an event, you insert it into your database and to build your scheduler, you load events from your database and bind them to the Scheduler Control. If that is the case, i'd recommend calling the sub that loads your events from the database and then use SchedulerName.Update().
Let me know if that helps !!

Comment posted by Alistair
12 years ago.
Hi, Thanks yes - that works! Regards Alistair
Comment posted by Anonymous
12 years ago.
No problem! Always there to help!

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