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Reducing the Height of Day Pilot Control

Asked by Siju George
14 years ago.

Hi :

I would like to reduce the height of the day pilot control as there are too many scroll bars on the web page
Please help me to resolve this. Here is the code for my Day Pilot Control.

<DayPilot:DayPilotCalendar ID="dpcRecordingSchedule" runat="server" DataStartField="StartTime"
DataEndField="EndTime" StartDate="2007-01-07" Days="7" CellsPerHour="4"
HeaderDateFormat="dddd" DataTextField="PropertyPackName" Height="30"
CellHeight="10" HeaderHeight="15" HeaderFontSize="8pt" HourFontSize="10pt" Width="100%"
DataValueField="RecordingScheduleID" EventClickHandling="JavaScript" EventClickJavaScript="openPopup(e);">



Comment posted by Siju George
14 years ago.
Please also tell me how to reduce the width of the control
Comment posted by Siju George
14 years ago.

Hi :

Sorry to disturb you.I got the way to it.
It can be done as by specifying the following.

HeightSpec="Fixed" Height="265" Width="680px"


Siju George

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
No problem ;-)
Thanks for posting the solution.
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