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Day Pilot Lite Calendar - RaisePostBackEvent not triggering

Asked by Anonymous
13 years ago.


I'm using Day Pilot Lite Calendar, and having problem with events. If this control is used in a simple web form then everything works fine, and post-back events for EventClick and FreeTimeClick are working fine. But the control when used in a page with master page embedded then the post-back events are not raised at all.

Please let me know, what should I do in this case. Thanks in advance..

Comment posted by JamesM
13 years ago.
This should still work the same, I have a page which inherits a master page, I have the calendar in an ajax update panel and I can catch the events correctly. Check at the top of your source for each page that you have wireupevents set correctly. Also check on the calendar control the its clickevent is set to postback. Have you placed your calendar in a ajax updatepanel?
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