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Plan multiple resources in the scheduler in one go?

Asked by Anonymous
10 years ago.


Is it possible to use the scheduler to book multiple resources in one go?
I looked at the demo and I only see that one resource can be booked.
This might be OK if the resources are rooms.

But in the case you have rooms, different kind of beamers, whiteboards etc as resources, I would like to book multiple resources at once, like Room 3.01 with a widescreen beamer and a whiteboard.

Anybody tried this out already?


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

This can be done, but:

1. You need to separate the actual events from resource links in you database. Each event could be possibly linked to several resources so you need one more table for the link. You should join these tables when loading the data source for the Scheduler control.

2. All these events will be displayed as separate boxes in the Scheduler. You should design for this - the events can use the same background or duration bar color to give users a visual clue.

3. It's not possible to select multiple rows at once in the UI. You can select one row (TimeRangeSelected) and than present a dialog with a possibility of adding more resources.

4. You can use a special page/scheduler instance to show free/busy information so you can select the date according to that.

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