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How to block (and show) a complete day

Asked by Heiko
5 years ago.


I found this topic in the forum.

I have the same question, so, is it possible in the newer version?

I want to block more than one day and want to combine the cells. I also want to set a text over the days.

Actually the text ends after the first Day.

Thank you

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
5 years ago.

If I understand it correctly you are asking for something slightly different than the original question:

Konrad would like to merge events vertically (i.e. same date range, different but adjacent resources).

While you would like to merge the cells horizontally. Is that correct?

1. DayPilot still doesn't allow merging events vertically.
2. It's also not possible to merge cells (either vertically or horizontally).

However, if you want to mark a certain range as "unavailable" you can create a special event for that purpose (use a different background color or styling). You can also disable event moving and resizing for the event so it would become read-only.

Comment posted by Heiko
5 years ago.

Yes, its correct. I want to merge cells horizontally.
I just want to write Text in it.

I want to make a Hotel Booking Scheduler. But we want to have the possibility to book multiple rooms for a specific time without making an event. The rooms that are booking are free to drag a event over it.

I hope that you understand me

Thank you very much!

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