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Event backgroundColor problems when exporting to PNG

Asked by Allen
11 years ago.

Hi, I'm having a slight issue with exporting a DayPilotMonth calendar to PNG format. Everything is great except one small problem, the events all have a backgroundColor (different colors based on the type of event), and in the exported image, all of the colors bleed out to the right. Kind of tough to explain and I can't host the image from here, but imagine the colors are about 10-40 pixels wider than the event/border.

It doesn't *seem* to be related to the content of the event title or anything, so I'm at a loss.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Comment posted by Allen
11 years ago.

Solved! I'm not sure why I struggle with something for an hour, hit a wall, and then figure it out immediately after posting here.

In any event, the issue was I had EventTextAlign=Left and EventTextLeftIndent=50, it sort of looks like LeftIndent was ignored by the browser but not by PNG. Setting that to 0 solved the issue!

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