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DayPilotScheduler y-axis headers

Asked by cdmdotnet
14 years ago.

This may be similar to an issue already listed in here but,

as I cannot find a property to control the width of the y-axis headercolumn (y-axis title column [0]) in firefox the text is trimmed and an htmltitle property displays the full name - this is all good. in IE 7 however, the text appears on two or more lines, and the calendar body no longer lines up.

A CSS 'overflow:hidden' propertywill enable thecalendar body to match / lines up with the header y-axis column, but can you correct this so that it is handeled correctly in IE just like FF handels it.

Comment posted by cdmdotnet
14 years ago.
I will correct this statement, the 'overflow:hidden' style poerty added by the control does not work properly in IE, I suspect it is something to do with the internal / external divs or something else.
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
You can change the row height by setting EventHeight property. The real row height will be one or more times the value of EventHeight (depending on the overlapping events).

I will take a look at the long text cropping, it will require some HTML tweaking (there was a similar problem for DayPilotCalendar headers).
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