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Possible to show thumbnail for a resource name in the DayPilot Schedule ?

Asked by peter cli
14 years ago.

The Demo sample shows "John" in the Vertical axis , based on resource <DayPilot:Resource Name="John" Value="A" />

Is there a way to show a thumbnail or icon instead?


Comment posted by Martin R.
14 years ago.
Use OnBeforeResHeaderRender and its innerHtml event attribute.
Comment posted by peter cli
14 years ago.

Does the image need to be a certain size ? Or should I override the img attributes ? This is what I have now :

e.InnerHTML = @" <img src='../Images/0.jpg' />";

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
The height shouldn't be more than EventHeight (default value is 17 (pixels); that is the minimum row height).

The width shouldn't be more than RowHeaderWidth (default value is 80 (pixels)).

You don't have to include height="" and width="" attributes but I would recommend adding them (it can improve rendering time because the browser will know the image size before actually loading it).
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