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UpdatePanelNavigation (DemoSQL 4.1)

Asked by Anders
14 years ago.
I'm fooling around with the DemoSQL provided with 4.1.1252. I want to highlight dates with events in the Calendar control contained in UpdatePanelNavigation, and got it working. My problem is however, that I want the update of the UpdatePanelNavigation to be triggered by DayPilot events (move, delete etc.). I have tried registering Triggers in the UpdatePanelNavigation, and also a plain UpdatePanelNavigation.Update(); in the event handling code - but no luck.

How can I trigger the update? I'm fairly new to AJAX, so I guess it's possible a n00b question ;-)

Thx in advance
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
If you want the DayPilot events to fire partial PostBack you need to set event handling to "PostBack" rather than "CallBack". If DayPilot is not inside an UpdatePanel you need to set triggers but if it's inside it it's not necessary.
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