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say we have a drag and drop component which holds certain data integrated to Daypilot new appointment

Asked by Anonymous
16 years ago.
hi there Day Piloter's

what i was hoping is that inorder to create a new appointment based on the selected column of Daypilot Component, we have the start, End, Date and the user is prompted to give ID , name would i go about doing that...

once again hope i make myself clear..
say in my web page i have drag and droppable label which pre-holds the other data needed for Day Pilot in order to make a new appointment, ok from here we have name and id field all we need now is start and end and date but we also have the other data ID and name from the drag and droppable component... how can we go about doing that..
i suppose relatively easy ..
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
16 years ago.
Hi there. First of all, sorry for a late response.

You can activate an HTML element to be draggable into DayPilot by adding the following attribute (this is from Demo/Calendar/ExternalDragDrop.aspx sample):

onmousedown='return DayPilotCalendar.dragStart(this.parentNode, 60*30, "123", this.innerHTML);'

The parameters are as follows:
  • this.parentNode - the element that should be deleted after successful drop into the calendar
  • 60*30 - duration of the event in seconds (necessary for giving the event 'shadow' the right size during dragging)
  • "123" - ID of the event (corresponds to DataValueField)
  • this.innerHTML - event name (corresponds to DataTextField)
After dropping such an event into the calendar it will generate a regular move event (it can be handled by JavaScript, PostBack, or CallBack).

Is that what you were looking for?
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