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EventClick, EventRightClick and all other mouse action handlers do not pass the event object (window.event in IE) to the javascript handler

Asked by Rick
8 years ago.


I need to show a custom context menu (not the one that comes with the scheduler or calendar) when an event is (right)clicked. However that seems to be impossible since the javascript event object isn't being passed to the handler method that's called in my javascript; only the calendar event (or appointment to distinguish from the java script event more clearly) ends up as an argument there. And, since firefox (and possibly other browsers) doesn't support window.event, there's no way for me to determine the position of the mouse and/or suppress the browser's default context menu.

Can you please send along the js event object into the javascript method used to handle the event?


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
8 years ago.

I understand. Let me check how to do this.

Comment posted by Anonymous
8 years ago.

OK thanks!

Comment posted by Anonymous
8 years ago.

Hi Dan, any news on this?

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