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Allow "Selectable" as a field on Cells in BeforeCellRender

Asked by Jeff Woods
8 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Please reference this old question:

You had suggested an elegant potential solution, of having each Cell having a property of "Selectable" which could be set in BeforeCellRender, thus allowing conditional use, some cells being selectable while others not.

I have a "Resources" view type where the left column is for user interaction, but the right column is strictly "advisory information", fixed content. I don't want users being able to create events in that ResourceID, but they CAN create them in the ResourceID of their Customer child column.

Right now, since I'm using JavaScript as the handler via a Modal, the Modal has to run and then the MODAL has to tell the customer that they've done a no-no. I'd prefer they simply not be permitted to drag-select (and thus avoid a trigger of TimeRangeSelected) in the first place, but only on columns that I specify.


Jeff Woods

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