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Deadly Memory Leak Problem

Asked by Osman Yıldırım
7 years ago.

I have 5 resource and 48 events. I refresh my event every 5 seconds via websocket. When my page start , memory is 50 MB after 5 min. After half hour memory is 1 GB.

1-)How Am I gonna solve that memory leak problem ?
2-)How can I update events without memory leak ?
3-)How can it be possible to use %25 CPU usage in simple javascript application ?

Comment posted by Viktor Eriksson
7 years ago.

Is this IE or other ?
From my experience IE doesnt free up memory until it needs it, then it frees up a chunk.
Chrome has a better garbage collector. Try it there and see if it looks better.

Comment posted by Osman Yıldırım
7 years ago.

My Problem is in Chrome and others. I am gonna be crazy with this. What is day pilot doing in background ?

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