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Re-enabling selected event

Asked by Blake
6 years ago.

I'm new to the DayPilot JavaScript scheduler and have a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have a series of events that are initially defined with "moveDisabled" set to true. I have a contextMenu function defined which sets moveDisabled to false. Based on viewing the debugger, the moveDisabled property does actually get changed on the specified event, but the event is still not able to be moved by the user. Is there something else I need to do with the event after setting the moveDisabled property to false in order to re-enable moving of the event?
FWIW, I am using IE11, and the most recent version of DayPilot (downloaded Sept 2015).

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
6 years ago.

You need to call after modifying the event properties. Something like this should work:

dp.contextMenu = new DayPilot.Menu({items: [
  {text: "Enable moving", onclick: function() { 
      var e = this.source; = false;; 

Comment posted by Blake
6 years ago.

Thanks for the super quick reply. This worked perfectly.

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