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Localize header info in Schedule View

Asked by Gary
14 years ago.
1st sorry for the repeated post.. I didn't think any one would see the response to a post from last year so I'm reposting as a new topic...

I was curious where the header text in the scheduler comes from? I'm specifically looking at one that says "Week 2 (January 2008)". I would like this to be localized.. I switched my browser to es_MX and that did not change this text.. So I'm guessing I will need to do something in the code..

Thanks in advance,
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
Hi Gary, Sorry for the late response. It's now posted below your first question in the old thread:
This question is more than 3 months old and has been closed. Please create a new question if you have anything to add.