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onEventClicked don't work when switching page

Asked by Anonymous
6 years ago.

Hi, when i switch page, the onEventClicked don't work. I have to reload the page to make it work again. Is it a bug ?
There is my code :

$scope.schedulerConfig = {
scale: "Day",
days: 365,
startDate: new DayPilot.Date().firstDayOfMonth(),
timeHeaders: [
{ groupBy: "Month" },
{ groupBy: "Day", format: "d" }
treeEnabled: true,
onEventClicked: function(args) {

$timeout(function() {
loadEvents($scope.scheduler.visibleStart(), $scope.scheduler.visibleEnd());

function loadResources() {
var link = 'get_objet_planing.php';

$http.get(link).success(function(data) {
$scope.schedulerConfig.resources = data;

function loadEvents(from, to) {
var link2 = '/get_location.php';

$http.get(link2).success(function(data) {
$scope.schedulerConfig.startDate = from;
$scope.schedulerConfig.days = Math.floor(new DayPilot.TimeSpan(to.getTime() - from.getTime()).totalDays());
$ = data;

Comment posted by Anonymous
6 years ago.

I will explain my problem. There is the code :

$scope.schedulerConfig.onEventClicked = function(args) {alert(;};

When i'm on the scheduler page, it works fine. But when i go on an other page and go again on my scheduler page, it doesn't work. I have to reload the page to make it works again.

I'm french sorry for my english

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