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Bubble positioning within a center aligned container

Asked by Richard Wilson
14 years ago.
Hi, I have managed to setup the calendar and everything is working well apart from the positioning of the bubble events. They are fine if my container div is left aligned, but if I give it margin:0px auto 0px; (eg centred with fixed width) the bubbles appear to the right of the shadow by the same amount as the container div is from the left of the window. Bizarrely the shadow shows in the right place. This happens in FF2 and IE7 but haven't tried in others yet. Any help much appreciated. I'm going to try and decode your javascript and find out what the issue is but in case anyone else has a suggestion I thought I would ask. Cheers, r
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
14 years ago.
It's a known bug and it will be fixed soon (hopefully in the next release). Before it's fixed you can try placing the bubble control outside of that div.
Comment posted by Richard Wilson
14 years ago.
Thanks, it's in a site with master pages making that trickier as it doesn't seem to like having the bubble control in a different contentplaceholder than the main calendar control (have tried this). Have come up with a workaround by dissecting your javascript and overriding the positioning code for the layer and subtracting the distance required. Thanks for the prompt reply though.
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