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warm-up and cool-down on Resource Calendar

Asked by Romux
10 days ago.


i want to try something like this:
on the Resource Calender. Warm-Up areas should not appear from left to right but from top to down.

I tried it in many ways like that:

dp.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) {
args.e.areas = [
backColor: "#ccc"

But areas are not shown.

Thanks for your help

Comment posted by Romux
2 days ago.

I found a way to do this now.

args.e.areas = [
{ height: 40px, cssClass: "semi-transparent", left: 4, bottom: 1, right: 1, backColor: "#bfbfbf", html: "<div style='height: 40px'></div>" + umlagerungszeit + "min Umlagerungszeit", style: "font-size: 10px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 2px; color: #1a1a1a"},

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