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Highlighting Today

Asked by Anonymous
4 years ago.

I am trying to color the column cells in the scheduler to indicate "today".

I am using

protected override void OnBeforeCellRender(BeforeCellRenderArgs e)
if (e.Start.Date == DateTime.Today)
e.BackgroundColor = "red";

but just the first row cell is changing the background color. I already tried "e.CssClass" instead "e.BackgroundColor" but I didn't work as well, just the first row is changing.

I debugged, it is getting inside of the condition more then once but the backgroundcolor is not applied on the div.

Thanks for the reply.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
4 years ago.

This looks like a bug that was present in one of the earlier versions. What version are you using?

Answer posted by Anonymous
4 years ago.

Yes, you were correct I was using Version 7.9.5741.1, now that I changed to 8.3.5862.1 is working properly.


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