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how to recalculate overlapping in onEventMoving

Asked by greatghoul
4 years ago.

I have a list of events with start and end date given, now I want to drag them into one resource.

To limit event moving only in vertical direction, I did the following changes.

dp.onEventMoving = (args) ->
args.start = args.e.start()
args.end = args.e.end()

if args.external
dp.scrollTo(args.e.start(), false, 'middle')

it works, the drop placeholder only appears at given date period, but the overlapping highlight does not work as expected, how can I recalculate args with the updated start and end (says args.e.start and args.e.end).

Answer posted by greatghoul
4 years ago.

Found a solution here.

Adjusting the Target Position

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