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how to recalculate overlapping in onEventMoving

Answered: Found a solution here. Adjusting the Target Position

Forbidd Events Overlapping

Answered: Please make sure that you are using an up-to-date CSS theme. Older themes may not include the *_shadow_overlap CSS class that is used to highlight the forbidden position. You can create a new theme i...

Fixed height for row (css override) ?

"Hi, with Daypilot Scheduler < 7.0 is it possible to adjust the row height manually (maybe with some css overrides) to a fixed height ? In my specific case I need to limit the rows displayed for a re...

Prevent event overlapping

Hello, I have seen two questions regarding this on the forum and the feature was supposed to be build in in 2011. Any news on that? How can I prevent my event from overlapping during TimeRangeSelecti...
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