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When create new event it shows wrong time

Asked by Dhiraj
2 years ago.


I am using Daypilot calendar control in Angular 4, when i create new event by selecting time range It shows proper time on my local machine, But when i deploy it on one of our machine in Finland, it shows time 3 hours afterword, So if i select time range from 1 to 2, then it shows 4-5,
however i am setting locale value properly for that countrym

Can you please help me on it,


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
2 years ago.


How do you get the start/end dates of the selected range? The onTimeRangeSelect(ed) event handler returns DayPilot.Date object which uses the idealized time zone that the Calendar uses internally (see also

You'll get the correct ISO 8601 string value (as a local representation) if you call DayPilot.Date.toString().

If you need the Date object please choose the appropriate method:

  • DayPilot.Date.toDate() returns the value as GMT base of the Date object
  • DayPilot.Date.toDateLocal() return the value as the local value of the Date object

Let me know if it doesn't help.

Comment posted by Dhiraj
2 years ago.

Thanks, It worked!

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