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Asked by Christoffer
12 years ago.


I have a trial of the DaypilotScheduler which is connected to a sql data source. There is a sample describing how to pop up a bubble with the event id, but how do I fill a bubble with data from the datatagfields already retrieved from the sql datasource? In other cases with click events there is access to the tag values but it looks like they are missing with a bubble event?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.
Yes, at this moment only the ID is available (DataValueField).

It was designed this way:
  1. If you are able to create the bubble content from the fields that go with the event (start, end, tags, etc.) you don't need the dynamic loading from the server.
  2. It's usually more effective to load that single record from the DB in the DayPilotBubble.RenderContent event handler than sending all the data back to the server (the IIS-SQL connection is typically much faster than IIS-client connection).
I agree that there is one chain link missing - it's not possible to create the bubble content on the client side. So the solution would be either:
  • send the full event data back to the server
  • provide tools for creating the bubble content on the client-side without going back to the server (template, JavaScript handler...)
By the time it's extended you should load the additional data it from the DB.
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