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DP Scheduler: Hiding versions using onBeforeEventRender

Asked by David Liquori
9 months ago.

I'm using onBeforeEventRender to modify underlying event data before it is rendered. Everything is working correctly except for this...

While I can modify the data surrounding versions, the version is still displayed as the data prior to processing through onBeforeEventRender. I can even delete the event and it still displays. Also, there are both references to barHidden and barVisible in different places in the support literature.



dp2.onBeforeEventRender = function(args) {
if (args.e.iscomplete == true){
if(typeof args.e.versions !== 'undefined'){
//delete args.e.versions;
args.e.versions[0].barHidden = true;
//args.e.versions[0].barVisible = false;

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