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Scheduler Bubble not showing after event add

Asked by Anonymous
13 days ago.

I'm using drag and drop to add an event on Scheduler.
As I need to drag and drop from different browser tabs, I used the HTML5 drag and drop aproach. (all JavaScript logic)
The event addition work perfect, but I don't get the Bubble shown for the added events.
My DayPilotScheduler is inside an ASP UpdatePanel to avoid all the page being reloaded on each reshesh.
If I do a full page reload, Bubble starts to work for the added events.

Any help?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
13 days ago.

If you add the event on the client side using events.add() the server-side BeforeEventRender won't be fired. That might be required for the bubble HTML to be set. You need to add the event using a callback and reload the events on the server side.

You can use a generic commandCallBack() with custom data object or you can submit the event using events.add().notify(). This way the EventAdd event handler will be fired and you can reload the events there [call DataBind() and Update()].

See also:

Answer posted by Anonymous
13 days ago.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply.
Unfortunatly, that is not the issue. I'm calling commandCallBack() right after the events.add() to notify the server side and update my database.
I did a debug and BeforeEventRender is getting called and the event is processed, but still the same issue.

As aditional, after adding the event, when I go over the event to popup the Bubble, I get a JavaScript error as described bellow

WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$cY (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.clearSelection (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$ij (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$cM (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2

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