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Scheduler Bubble not showing after event add

Asked by Anonymous
2 years ago.

I'm using drag and drop to add an event on Scheduler.
As I need to drag and drop from different browser tabs, I used the HTML5 drag and drop aproach. (all JavaScript logic)
The event addition work perfect, but I don't get the Bubble shown for the added events.
My DayPilotScheduler is inside an ASP UpdatePanel to avoid all the page being reloaded on each reshesh.
If I do a full page reload, Bubble starts to work for the added events.

Any help?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
2 years ago.

If you add the event on the client side using events.add() the server-side BeforeEventRender won't be fired. That might be required for the bubble HTML to be set. You need to add the event using a callback and reload the events on the server side.

You can use a generic commandCallBack() with custom data object or you can submit the event using events.add().notify(). This way the EventAdd event handler will be fired and you can reload the events there [call DataBind() and Update()].

See also:

Answer posted by Anonymous
2 years ago.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply.
Unfortunatly, that is not the issue. I'm calling commandCallBack() right after the events.add() to notify the server side and update my database.
I did a debug and BeforeEventRender is getting called and the event is processed, but still the same issue.

As aditional, after adding the event, when I go over the event to popup the Bubble, I get a JavaScript error as described bellow

WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$cY (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.clearSelection (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$ij (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at DayPilot.Scheduler.$cM (WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2)
at WebResource.axd?d=xiEDXLHsAVD5SbEbC2X215B-UVPFtMV4HW4m8VvQ6PXZvAu3QQRYq-y0PgAnCvI3AABREPfhg9SSS7xZYy-Dng4zEEaI5JNbNz4MTzFVEJFg8FDKEvP80PX_XaleU03U0&t=637029792000000000:2

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