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Find multiple events using

Asked by Giliam
1 month ago.

Is it possible to find multiple events using <function> )?

I know it is possible to pass a custom function, i.o. an eventId, to the method. But that returns only the first event that matches the criteria. I'm looking for a way to return the resultset as an array , a.k.a. an array of events that matches the criteria.

Hint: an extra <findAll> parameter (default false) and returning an array as result might do the job. Otherwise a new function

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 month ago.

The primary purpose of events.find() is to find an event by ID. It searches events.list and if you need to filter the event data I recommend accessing the data store directly:

let events = => data.text.startsWith("a")).map(data => new DayPilot.Event(data, dp));


let events = => new DayPilot.Event(data, dp)).filter(e =>"a"));

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