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Scheduler ContextMenu with async loaded data

Asked by Tim K.
14 days ago.

we are using the Scheduler ContextMenu and want to manipulate the ContextMenu-Items dynamically. Therefore we use the "onShow"-Event of the DayPilot.Menu class.

By clicking on the event, we request data from server async and react on the result by disable/enable the ctxMenu item.

Our problem is, that the ContextMenu doesn`t consider the disable-option, however we`ve seen that the option is set correctly. We assume that the ContextMenu is rendered before our onShow-function is completed.

For other events as Scheduler.onScroll there are the options "args.async" and "args.loaded()". This looks like the functionality, that we need to handle our purpose.

Can you agree with our assumption? Is it possible to implement this options for the onShow-Event?


Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
12 days ago.

Yes, it works as you describe.

At this moment, the args.async option is not supported in the onShow() method but you can switch to manual event click/right click handling and open the context menu when you have the data available.

Like this:

dp.onEventRightClick = async args => {
  args.preventDefault(); // disable the default action
  const data = await loadData(...); // your data loading method

  const menu = new DayPilot.Menu({ ... }); // build the menu dynamically or adjust dp.contextMenu;
Answer posted by Tim K.
8 days ago.

This works fine for me. Thank you!

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