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Add multiple events on same date and time

Asked by Adrian Hondema
2 days ago.


We use daypilot pro. One of our users plans multiple meetings in daypilot at the same date and time. This results in 6 or 7 events on the same date and time. Although daypliot shows these events nicely, it is difficult to add another event to such a block because the free space in which the user has to click is very small. Is there a way to circumvent this? In the attached example I want to create a new event at 15:00 on 10/14/2021 (the red arrow indicates the position the user havs to click).

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
2 days ago.

The best way would be to increase the margin width using columnMarginRight property:

Comment posted by Adrian
1 day ago.

Great, thanks!

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