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Hold time range after javascript handler

Asked by Oebele
11 years ago.

Currently I'm evaluating your (so far wonderful) product.

I have some problems withthetime range selecting functionality.
I would like to be able to determine the start- and end date/times of the selected time range!
I know that you get those parameters when you set the TimeRangeSelectedHandling to JavaScript, but then the range is no longer highlighted in the control after the JavaScript is finisched.

What I want to do is add a few buttons just above the calendar control to add different kinds of events.
I know that it's already possible to use a DayPilotMenu control to do something similar, but my experience is that a lot of users have problems using the right mousebutton. I have to deal with very unexperienced users, so I want to keep the task of adding an event as simple as possible.
And I know that I could show a popup after a range has been selected, but I'm afraid the users will do (a lot) of clicking in the schedule and then it would be very annoying if they get a popup every time they click somewhere.

So what I would like is:
- the user highlights a time range
- the user presses one of my(own) buttons
- and I am then able to determine the start and end date/time of the selected time range and add a new event (with a specific text)
(either on the client or on the server side)

Is something like this possible with the current version of the control or would it require an (internal) modification?

Comment posted by Oebele
11 years ago.

To clear up the question a little: what I would like is to set the "TimeRangeSelectedHandling" property of the Calendar control to "Hold" but also receive (either a javascript or a server side) notification whenever a timerange is selected.
That would give me the opportunity totemporarily save the start and end date/time of the selected time range and use those date/times when the user presses a button to add a new event.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

The TimeRangeSelected behavior has changed in the Scheduler in the last release (5.7) and it should work exactly like you describe. That is, the selection stays active even the handler is called.

Is there any problem with the Scheduler behavior or do you work with another control (Calendar)?

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