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Exporting/Printing scheduler - event customization

Asked by Milos
1 month ago.


is there a way to change the height of the event during export? The scenario that we have is:

  • we display one "planned" event with planned start and end time - ex. a Task that is planned
  • we also display an "actual" event with actual start and end time - when was that Task actually started and finished

To make them both visible at the scheduler, since they can overlap, we make the "actual" event a little smaller than the "planned" event, and give a different color to the "planned" event.

When exporting, or printing, they are of the same size, and if they overlap, the "actual" event is covering part or all of the "planned" event.

Is there a way to change the event height on export/print so that we can make overlapping events visible?

Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
1 month ago.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to apply custom event height during export.

However, you can use the built-in "versions" feature which is created just for this scenario (to display planned vs. actual scheduler event state):

Another option would be to use the overlap percentage ( to control how much of the underlying event is visible (instead of the CSS height).

Comment posted by Milos
1 month ago.

Thank you for your response.
Best regards

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