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FireFox does not handle ToolTip containing '\n' correctly

Asked by Anonymous
13 years ago.


I am just starting to use the DayPilotCalendar control. I have created ToolTips that contain the '\n' character. These ToolTips display correctly in IE, but in FireFox the '\n' characer is being ignored.

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Yes, this is a known limitation. The ToolTips are rendered as title="" attributes and Firefox doesn't accept line breaks there.

You can switch to Bubbles (built-in extended ToolTips) to get full HTML support in the tooltip text:

Comment posted by Tray Schreiber
13 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply and code pointer...

I have a problem using Bubbles because I am not caching the data on the server side. Because of this, the RenderContent method does not have access to the current state of my data. I could think of several ways theBubbles could beextendedso that my situation could make use of them.

AnewBubbleInnerHTML property could be added to the event.It could then be populated in theBeforeEventRendermethod. The BeforeEventRenderEventArgs.InnerHTML would be set to this, but could sitll be overwritten in the RenderContent method .

The BeforeEventRenderEventArgs class could be extend to include the event Tag collection so that custom data could be passed.

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