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Hi-lighting the current hour in the DayPilotScheduler LITE ?

Asked by Barry O'Neill
13 years ago.

I would like the ability to hi-light the current hour, at the time the calendar was rendered, so users have an idea of where they are in the course of the day vs. their scheduled this possible in theDayPilotScheduler LITE version?

If not, is it possible in the PRO version ?


Comment posted by Barry O'Neill
13 years ago.

I edited the source code and added a routine to make the color blue if the from.Hour == rightNow.Hour (if true, return the color as "blue" (added a CurrentHourBackColor property), if false, execute the isBusinessCell method)...:-)

Good thing the project code converted to VS 2008 with no issues (cause it didn't want to open in VS 2003 :-)

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
13 years ago.

Nice implementation!

The Pro version also has the ability to add a vertical line (or multiple lines) with a specified color at a specified DateTime position. See also Separators.

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