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Serialize Daypilot Column collection

Asked by Anonymous
11 years ago.

Hi I am trying to set up an app that uses daypilot calendaron a load balanced server.

I am getting an error that the daypilot column collection has not been marked as serializable. Could you explain how to serialize this ( I see there is a columncollectionconverter in daypilot.web.ui.serialization)

Many thanks

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

I will get back to this issue next week. Thanks for reporting it.

Comment posted by Anonymous
11 years ago.

Thanks Dan,

Just to summarise. I turned on the ASPNET state service in order to use state server for session storage, once I'd sorted out serializing my own classes it then came up with the day pilot serialization errors.

I was using the release dll (5.6.1820) so I switched to building the day pilot project (same version) and this allowed me to add [Serializable] to the following classes.


Once I had rebuilt, the calendar and schedule control I'm using appear to work fine with all the tests I've carried out so far.

I'm not sure if this is the best way to fix the problem however it seems to work for now.

Hope this is of use,



Comment posted by Jack
9 years ago.

These serialization errors are still occurring when the ASP.NET state server is being used. I am currently using DaypilotPro 6.0.02078.

I had to do the same fix and add the serializable attribute to these classes to resolve the issue, but the error isn't occurring with the same classes.


If there is a fix in the next release it would be great.

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