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DayPilot Pro 5.7 SP2 (showbusinesshours on Saturday)

Asked by Anonymous
12 years ago.

Got a scheduler showing 1 day, when I navigate to Sat it falls over when showbusinesshours = false.
Although Saturday has business set, looking at the screen in dp 5.6 seams to suggest that it contains no business hours.

So the issues are
.BusinessBeginsHour & .BusinessEndsHour are set but it appears to show Saturday as having no business hours
If there are genuinely no businesshours it should revert to showing all hours (or least give a error that states the reason)

Comment posted by Anonymous
12 years ago.

Tried the following which makes the cal show as working hours in 5.6 but wont stop the error in 5.7

Protected Sub DayPilotScheduler1_BeforeCellRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DayPilot.Web.Ui.Events.BeforeCellRenderEventArgs) Handles DayPilotScheduler1.BeforeCellRender
Dim DOW As DayOfWeek = e.Start.DayOfWeek
If DOW = DayOfWeek.Saturday Or DOW = DayOfWeek.Sunday Then
Dim Hr As Int32 = e.Start.Hour
If Hr >= BusinessBeginsHour And Hr <= BusinessEndsHour Then
e.IsBusiness = True
End If
End If
End Sub

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

Good approach, but a wrong place.

Since BeforeCellRender is called for cells in all rows it wouldn't be possible to hide/show a column there. Marking a cell with IsBusiness = False only changes the cell color.

The right event is BeforeTimeHeaderRender:

  • Check if it's the regular column and not a column group (Not e.IsColGroup).
  • Set e.Visible = True for columns you want to make visible (for Saturday)

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