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CellGroupBy in Scheduler Lite edition - Diff between Lite and Full version?

Asked by Brice
10 years ago.

Is CellGroupBy possible in the Lite edition of the Scheduler? My lite version of the scheduler does not have any column groups.

I looked to see if it was noted in the differences between versions on the DayPilot site, but I could not find that particular functionality listed.

IT also appears that the Scheduler rendering is quite different between Lite and Full versions, comapring the output from the Demo to myowncodeusing the Lite version.

Thanks for the great control.


Comment posted by mrdo
8 years ago.

Hi there,

I'm using scheduler lite and I have the same question - my schedule displays correctly with the days displayed in the header but the secondary groupby header is missing and the property doesn't seem to be available in Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance

Comment posted by mrdo
8 years ago.

Anyone ?

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