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How to insert a custom LINK in an already existing event?

Asked by Sebi.O
12 years ago.

Hy everyone,

I'm testing this DayPilot and it seems quite ok and fast.

I'm trying though to play with the InnerHTML and the ToolTip properties of an event, in the "BeforeEventRender" method, in order to customize each event created.

Though it appears that the custom HTML link is not working because the EditEvent is still firing on all event's client area.

I tried e.EventClickEnabled = false; to "disable" the internal click handler for that cell-space, but yet, I wasn't able to click my custom link, despite the fact that mouse cursor for example changes when I hover it over the link.

Any ideas if I can do anything regarding this problem?

Comment posted by Sebi.O
12 years ago.

Actually I've solved this. It appears that my link's OnClick method was faulty - thus unprocessed by the browser. Now it works ok.


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