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refreshing the display on return from an event creation

Asked by Chris Drew
10 years ago.


I am using a popup window to create a new event and on return from the (modal) popup I would like to refresh the display to show the new event. I guess I could submit the form and that would refresh but I think a better way is to call the 'refreshCallBack' function of the calendar - just not sure how to. The documentation suggests using the ClientObjectName value but doesn't really say where this comes from.

I have tried (in JavaScript)

var calendar = document.getElementById('<%=dpCalendar.ClientID %>');
var calendarObject = calendar.ClientObjectName;
calendarObject.refreshCallBack(null, null);

but this doesn't work (nor does it look right!). I would be grateful for any suggestions

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
10 years ago.

How about this:

var calendarObject = <%=dpCalendar.ClientObjectName %>;  // no quotes around the name
calendarObject.refreshCallBack(null, null);
Comment posted by Anonymous
10 years ago.

Thanks - on investigation the problem is down to my lack of understanding - I did niot have a refresh handler on the server side. I thought it would simple postback but it does say that it is a callback!

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