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npm repository is down

Answered: It should be working fine now. If there is any problem, just let me know.

NPM javascript throws error "Uncaught ReferenceError: module is not defined"

Answered: The JavaScript NPM package (daypilot-pro-javascript) defines a CommonJS module which can't be used directly in the browser. The purpose is to allow using DayPilot in a Node project. In the browser, y...


Answered: Yes. In that case the row height will be increased automatically so that all events fit in. You can disable event overlapping for drag and drop operations:

Drag and Drop task (events) on a specific resource

I have a Angular 2 web-app with tasks (events) and resources. I also have a drag-and-drop module instaled ( Is it posible to drag a task from a list and d...
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