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Can anybody explain me how to show bubble in daypilot calendar Angular 6+

Answered: Please see the answer here:

Scheduler Grid HTML File

Answered: The Scheduler grid can be customized using the API, such as onBeforeCellRender event handler (see The full version includes unminified source ...

2 rows for one resource

Answered: It is possible to display two rows for each resource: 1. The resource id needs to be unique. This can be done by prefixing a certain string to the resource id, e.g. "R" + id for reservations rows, "I...

Open source version of Kanban board

Answered: Unfortunately, the Kanban board component is only available in DayPilot Pro (paid version). See also the feature matrix:

Increase the height of the DayPilot Calendar control to fit its parent dynamically

Answered: Please see the following tutorial for a working example (Scheduler with heightSpec set to "Parent100Pct"):

How to switch between the Day,Week and Month view in Angular4

Answered: Please see the following sample project that shows how to implement a calendar with day/week/month views:

Drag and drop into Angular schedular

Hi there Is it possible to drag and drop an external object into the Angular scheduler? Do you perhaps have an example or demo of dragging and dropping from another component into the scheduler?

Angular4 DayPilot question related to click handler

Answered: At this moment Angular templates are not supported in active area HTML. However, a solution is in the works and it will be available within a couple of weeks.

How to render component in event areas's html?

I have tried loading a component (<tw-popover-teams></tw-popover-teams> ) in 'html' of event areas but could not achieve. Please suggest. args.e.areas.push({ right: 6, bottom: 0, left: 0, visibility:...

How to remove default mousedown event on calendar events?

Answered: It's not possible to remove event handlers from the event div. However, you can handle onAfterEventRender event to get access to the event div and customize it. The event consists of two main <div> e...

Cannot use DayPilot.Angular.Modal

Answered: The modal dialog tutorial was created some time ago - the DayPilot.Angular namespace has been deprecated meanwhile. An updated version of the tutorial is now available (it uses Angular 6 and DayPilot...

Hide complete percentage label

Answered: You can customize the task text/HTML using onBeforeTaskRender: config: any = { onBeforeTaskRender: args => { =; // displays task text instead of percenta...

Add new column

Can we add new column with description

Showing Custom Data

Answered: The Scheduler requires the key data (such as event start, end, id) to be stored in specific properties. You need to transform your data items to match the required structure. You can use map() to do ...

Angular 6 error

Answered: Martin- Angular 6 requires DayPilot Pro version 2018.2.3281 or later: I'm not able to reproduce the error with that version. T...

DayPilot Context menu submenu

Answered: This was caused by a missing "items" property in the TypeScript definition of MenuItemData interface. It's now fixed in the latest sandbox build (2018.2.3283). Please let me know if it doesn't work a...

Disable event overlap

Answered: The Scheduler can prevents overlap during drag and drop operations ( However, if you need to check the validity of the input values in a modal dial...

Move event

Answered: Please ignore this question. I have found the issue, there is something wrong with my loadEvent function. The system requires array of objects(something likes [{123},{124}]), however I sent array of ...

How can I custom my css style for modal popup?

Answered: Please see my answer here:

Change the position of CreateEvent

Answered: Unfortunately not. The current implementation of the modal dialog (the Angular version) doesn't support customization of the position. It's always fixed at the top, with the height set automatically ...

How to run PHP code without affecting performance

Answered: If you don't need to result to continue you can simply open the dialog right away. Don't open the dialog from the response callback. Instead of this: this.http.get("/api").subscribe(result => { ...

onEventResized and onEventMoved

Answered: If you want the event to be moved automatically you need to use "Update" value for the *Handling properties: config: any = { eventMoveHandling: "Update", eventResizeHandling: "Update" } If...

Double events show

Answered: Can you try upgrading to the latest DayPilot Pro version? Try running the following command in the console: npm install --save...

how to make the "DEMO" in the corner disappear

Answered: The tutorial project uses a trial version which is limited to evaluation purposes. If you decide to use it you'll need to purchase a license. The full version comes without the DEMO label: https://ja...

how to show more information then just the name of the event

Answered: You can customize the event appearance (including the HTML content) using onBeforeEventRender event handler: Another option is to display a cal...

How to customize the create event dialog

Answered: Please take a look at the following tutorial: It shows how to create a customized modal dialog for editing event det...

How to run the project sample

Answered: It looks like you'll need to enable SQLite PDO driver in php.ini config file (it's not enabled by default): Windows: [PHP] ; ... extension=php_pdo_sqlite.dll ; ... Linux: [PHP] ; ... exten...

Include this component in an Ionic project

Answered: Ionic is based on Angular so you can simply follow the documentation for the Angular scheduler: Let me know if there is any problem.

New event renders twice

Answered: Right, Thanks for the help!

can we change the color of gantt chart progress-bar?

can we change the color of gantt chart progress-bar? I uploaded one image file for the help on gantt-chart Please revert back asap thanks
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