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Javascript error in v6.0 Scheduler

Asked by Laura
12 years ago.


We have just upgraded to v6.0 (needed urgentlyto fix the export bug, see "Problems with DayPilotCalendar Export"; we couldn't use v5.9 due to the $F javascript bug, see "Javascript error in v5.9 SP2 Calendar ").

We now have an error in scheduler every time we expand a collapsed resource group. It is a javascript error: "this.divCrosshair is null or not an object", Firebug breaks on the line "if(typeof DayPilot==='undefined'){var;})(); " and it seems to be in a loop or on a timer because we get this error multiple times.

Could you take a look? We really need to get sorted with a stable version that contains the export fix.

Thanks, Laura

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
12 years ago.

It should be working now (since build 6.0.2076). The fix will be included in DayPilot Pro 6.0. SP1.

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