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Event Double Clicking and client side event selection

Asked by Anonymous
15 years ago.
Hello. I'm trying to implement a couple of things with DayPilot and am running into some problems.

First off, is there any way to use JavaScript to select an event when all I have is a DayPilot.Event object in JavaScript?
Also, I need to be able to get a handle in JavaScript (or at least the client-side ID) of the event that the click happened for. Is that possible using existing DayPilot client-side API?

If not, how would one go about enabling tese things?
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
15 years ago.
1. Client-side selection.
It's not yet possible to select an event using JavaScript when you know the DayPilotCalendar.Event object. It will require a few tweaks in the source code. I will add it in the next release (DayPilot Pro 3.9, August 1).

2. Double-clicking an event.
I will give it a thought. That would collide with the standard click event. One of the possible ways is to handle the click using JavaScript (you get the DayPilotCalendar.Event object), set a flag property for double click, set a timer that will reset the flag after a given time. If the click event happens again when the flag is still set, you know you got a double-click. It's a little bit of a hack and I haven't tried it.
But I will consider double-click event for the next release (DayPilot Pro 4.0). If you want to get a beta of this feature when it's done, please contact me at daypilot @
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