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EventMove / EventResize only for a selected order

Asked by OGRonC
11 years ago.

Let me see if i can express what i'm thinking..

In a scheduler where customers have appointments, it would be great to only be able to show the EventMove and EventResize options on a specific order. So if we have multiple orders, we could select an event, and only that event would show the resize and move mouse cursors..

so i guess e.value specific to eventmove and eventresize functionality.

thanks! Again, great product. Its great to see where this product has come from and how it keeps getting better and better. Great work!

Comment posted by Dan Letecky
11 years ago.

This should be possible using BeforeEventRender: You can set e.EventResizeEnabled and e.EventMoveEnabled.

It should be working in the Calendar and in the Scheduler.

Just remember that you need to enable it first using EventMoveHandling. Then you can disable it for specific events. But setting e.EventMoveEnabled = true for EventMoveHandling="Disabled" will have no effect (it will stay disabled for all events).

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