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how to change navigator's selectmode from javascript?

Asked by Anonymous
9 years ago.
guys, i am using the calendar with navigator using callbacks and it works beautifully so far. the only problem is that i have two dropdowns for the user - one for changing the mode (day, week, work-week) and another for changing the selected personnel. i have hooked up both of these to fire the commandCallBack on the calendar, and the calendar updates just fine. however, i can't get the navigator to update whatsoever. i have tried every possible means (rebinding within callback, calling afterRender, etc), but nothing seems to work. is there any way i can update the navigator within a callback to reflect the right mode and personnel. thanks ken
Comment posted by Dan Letecky
9 years ago.

You can do it on the client side:

navigator.selectMode = 'day'; // 'month', 'week'

Then you may need to redraw the navigator to update change the existing selection.


Where navigator is the ClientObjectName value.

Comment posted by Anonymous
7 years ago.

callinf drawMonths() didn't work, but this did;

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