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navigator visibleRangeChangedCallBack calls not working correctly

Asked by Anonymous
9 years ago.


I am using the calendar commandCallBack followed by the navigator's visibleRangeChangedCallBack on afterRender to update the navigator from javascript for dynamically changing the resource from a listbox. The calendar refreshes correctly. But the navigator refreshes correctly only the first time, after that it only works on every alternative call. Every other call clears the navigator completely even though I can clearly see on the server side that the datasource has data at the time of databind.

Please help, I can't figure out why it is clearing the navigator on alternate calls.


Comment posted by Anonymous
9 years ago.

Update: i checked the data being passed back in the callback using firebug, and the data that is coming back is correct. So the problem is that the navigator is not redrawing itself correctly on some callbacks. Is there a way to force a client side refresh.

Comment posted by Dmitry
9 years ago.


Even dpn.updateFreeBusy() works every 1 time of 2 calls. Is that can be fixed?

Or can the "update busy days" functionality can be automaticaly included in

Comment posted by Dmitry
9 years ago.

Addition: I encountered problem when continiously use; dpn.updateFreeBusyDays() // or dpn.visibleRangeChangeCallBack()

you will sometimes receive error __pendingCallbacks[i] is null.

This is a .net bug (see So i fyou use a "i" variable for inside loops in "select", "updateBusyDays", "visibleRangleChangeCallback" please use another variable :)

Answer posted by Dan Letecky
9 years ago.

There was a bug in addClass method. It incorrectly cleared all element classes if the class to be added was already there. It's fixed now in build 2288 (see the sandbox).

The updateFreeBusy() method is now called from select() method so the free/busy highlighting is not lost.

The "__pendingCallbacks[i] is null" error doesn't seems to be directly related to this issue.

Comment posted by Dmitry
9 years ago.

Now working. Thanks.

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