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Set startDate and selectionStart on Navigator

Asked by Anonymous
10 years ago.

I use several buttons to jump to predefined dates in calendar. This can be done using dpc1.commandCallBack('command', date);. Unfortunately, the Navigator does not reflect the changes in calendar. How can I set startDate and selectionStart in Navigator (on client side or from the commandCallBack in code behind)?

I tried the following (javascript):

dpn1.startDate = new Date();
dpn1.selectionStart = new Date();

This doesn't work. May be I'm completely wrong.
Also i could not find any documentation on the navigator client side api.

Any hints on this?

Comment posted by Anonymous
9 years ago.

I got the same issue.
How do we update the navigator?

Comment posted by brandon
8 years ago.

This is how my navigator functions as well. The navigator still works as it should but it just displays incorrect selected/highlighted weeks and/or days. You could even be looking at a different month but as long as you got there without using the navigator the navigator isn't really aware of the change.

Comment posted by Anonymous
8 years ago.

I had the same issue & figured it out, call;

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