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allday event in open souce

Asked by Anonymous
11 years ago.


I use daypilot calendar lite. I've found a good code at this topic ( for add DurationColor field (i've added to back and fore color fields)

But i would like to use allday events, like in version 6.0 (open source code are in version 3)...

Someone know how can i implement it ? (i'm coding in vb usualy...)


Comment posted by Lord Arokk
11 years ago.

In theory if you add the time to Start Date and to End Date you should have all day event. This is how I did it :

Assume taht Start Date : 25/06/2011 and End Date 28/06/2011

The way I save to Database is :

Start Date (DateTime type) : 25/06/2011 08:00 ( Assume that Bussiness hours starts at 08:00)

EndDate (DateTime type) : 25/06/2011 18:00 ( Assume that Bussiness hoursend at 18:00)

So when data is fetch from database DayPilot Lite sets the event as all day event.

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