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How to update other controls on the page with callbacks?

Asked by Anonymous
10 years ago.

I'm working on a page much like the DayPilotScheduler zooming demo except you click on an event to zoom in. The "up" or zoom out works exactly like the demo - a command callback called from a link in the header.

My problem is that we have other content on the page that needs to be updated as the user zooms in and out. I can get the desired results for zooming in by settting EventClickHandling to "Postback" and placing the Scheduler in an UpdatePanel. The other content is placed inside another UpdatePanel and I call UpdatePanel.Update() in the eventclick handler.

But this approach doesn't work for command callbacks; there is no "comandhandling" property that I can set to "Postback" so the updatepanels can talk to each other.

So how can I update other content on the page during command callbacks and javascript processing?


  • BillyB
Answer posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
10 years ago.

You can use AfterRenderJavaScript and update the other parts of the page manually (JavaScript), as demonstrated here:

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