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Scheduler with CellDuration="1" CellWidth="1"

Asked by --pogo (pat)
10 years ago.

Usage Description

I am using the DayPilot Scheduler to render a Roster. My "Events" are Roster Items, each of which cannot overlap and for the most part span every minute of a given calendar month (I display one month at a time).

In order to ensure that Roster Items (Events) don't appear overlapped on the Scheduler, I set:

CellDuration="1" CellWidth="1"

as attempts to use a CellDuration of less than 1 minute cause overlaps in the Scheduler unless each Roster Item ends on a multiple of the CellDuration.


This was working perfectly with the version of DayPilot that I originally downloaded (6.4.2276). I downloaded and started using the latest version (6.7.2420) to fix an unrelated issue, but the new version has caused rendering issues.

If I modify the above to use larger values (5+) it renders correctly, but this is unworkable due to the overlapping issues per above.

Any idea what is causing it, and/or what can be done to overcome?

[Attached: 1x1 version and 5x5 version for comparison - the latter rendering correctly]

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