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Time format in the time header resets to 24hour after update() call

Asked by DG
9 years ago.

I'm using the mvc scheduler, and displaying only single day.
For the time header display, I'm doing the following to get the 12 hours format (AM/PM), and also setting TimeFormat = TimeFormat.Clock12Hours in the config:

protected override void OnBeforeTimeHeaderRender(BeforeTimeHeaderRenderArgs e) {
if (e.IsColGroup) {
e.InnerHtml = TimeFormatter.GetHour(e.Start, TimeFormat.Clock12Hours, null);

Everything renders fine, with the 12 hour format, but when i call the update() method on the DayPilot object, the time format changes to 24hour (displaying 0-23).

Am I missing something?

Comment posted by Dan Letecky [DayPilot]
9 years ago.

This looks like a bug, indeed. Please let me check it.

Comment posted by DG
9 years ago.

Hi Dan,

Has this bug been fixed?

Comment posted by DG
9 years ago.

Even if i manually update the format again (dps.timeFormat = "Clock12Hours") both before and after calling update(), the timeformat still shows 24hours instead of 12hours.

Can this please be fixed? Or just a confirmation on whether this will be fixed in the future... before I pay for it, for getting it deployed in production ???

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